Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Luke the Mountain Climber

Beth and the kids took off for Kentucky yesterday, so I am flying solo this week. After four months of intense activity, the prospect of a quiet house was a nice change of pace. However, it was particularly hard to see them leave because the kids are at such a fun age. I can see that my efforts to spend more time with my six year old Luke is making a positive difference in him, so I hated to stop that momentum. But when I heard he climbed the small mountain behind Beth's childhood home today with his older cousin, I knew he was in the right place to be for his Spring Break. The picture above is a few months old, but its the look I imagine he had when he reached the top.

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Beth said...

Yes, I'm sure you are right, honey! (I wouldn't know since I stayed safely at the bottom!)

We wish you were here - it's not the same without daddy!!!