Monday, June 30, 2008

Week End Reflections

Yesterday was one of those ultimate days. Our service was full of joy, and you could really sense that when we closed with the song "How Can I Keep From Singing?" I was able to baptize my first-born son, Luke. Could a father ask for a better moment? I hope to post a picture of that later.

Sunday afternoon we spent with the Novelos, some special friends from Texas. We were really honored they took time to visit us and the church. We then went to the youth talent show, which was an overwhelming success. I think a tradition at Indian Lake may have been started.

On this Monday, the high in Nashville is only suppossed to be 81. My sister and her family are in town, so I am going to figure out a way to get outside on my day off. I am hearing rumors in our house about a trip to the zoo.

Friday, June 27, 2008

VBS Week - A Good Throw Back

This has been a great week during our Vacation Bible School. With all that has changed in the world, there are some things that have changed very little. VBS is one of those few things that haven't changed:

- Craft Time still exist
- Goofy songs that adult find themselves humming at randomn times still exist
- Teenagers still do the drama / skits
- Snack time / meal time still is the best station
- The gender with the highest offering, still puts a pie in the adult leader's face (the modern version is "slimed" with green slime)
I never realized that a VBS would become timeless in our ever-changing culture.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My Spiritual Fathers

On Sunday I spoke about the role of "spiritual father's" in our lives. There have been so many spiritual fathers to me, but here is a list of some in my life - and what they are doing now.
- J. Don George: Pastor George was my pastor from age 4 until I moved to Nashville in 1995. He is still the pastor of Calvary Church in Irving, TX.
- Brent Batson: Brent was my sixth-grade football coach, and he led me to a relationship with Christ. He is now the pastor of The Church of the Springs in Dripping Springs, TX. No one can disciple young men like Brent can.
- John McKinzie: John is my long time mentor. As my Jr. High pastor John called forth the gifts in my life. As an adult I worked with John nine years, and we never got in a fight. My friendship with him is an example of true Christian brotherhood. John pastors Hope Fellowship in Frisco, TX - a church I helped him plant.
- Maury Davis: Maury was my youth pastor when I was in Jr. High (John was his assistant). Maury then gave me my first full-time job in the ministry, and brought me to Nashville. I learned from Maury so many professional qualities, and he has shown me so much about growing a church. He is still the pastor of Cornerstone Church in Madison, TN.
- Rod Loy: Rod is a family friend I have known all my life, and he was a pastor at my home church while I was growing up. Rod has been part of my life during key times, but in the last year his influence has increased as he is mentoring in me a greater heart for the lost and missions. Rod is the pastor of First Assembly of God in North Little Rock, AR.
- There are several others, but this are some of the pre-imminent spiritual fathers in my life. I thank God for each of there imprints on my life.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Blog Catch Up

I have abandoned the "blogging" world the last two weeks for no good reason. However, it's been a great summer so far, and I have had two short, but amazing trips.

- In late May, Beth and I went to Colorado to officiate a wedding at the Air Force Academy (notice pictures of the amazing Cadet Chapel). It was such a privilege that the Linz family brought us there, as they are such special friends of our. I am very impressed with Charles Linz and his new bride Jennifer. They are a wonderful young couple. I love the Denver area!

Philly / NYC

- On Thursday and Friday I went to the suburbs of Philadelphia to visit my friend Rick Steimling. It just so happened, that Jonathan Lee & Matt Underwood were leading worship just a few miles away at The East Coast Worship Summit ( It was a blessing to hear Jonathan lead in a different setting; Paul Jackson was their with Media Shout - so I hung out with Paul after the conference. On Friday, Rick and I drove to New York City (about two hours) to watch a Mets game in Shea Stadium (see pic above). It was fun to sit among the locals. The crowd had a definite New York flavor, which made the night entertaining and colorful. Oh yeah, there was a baseball game, too.