Friday, April 25, 2008

The Book You Choose for Starbuck's

I was meeting someone at Starbuck's this morning, and had a few minutes to kill. Like I always do when waiting, I grabbed a book. Of the several books in my back , I had the thought "which was is coolest?" I then realized that the book you choose for Starbuck's is different from any other location. It is at Starbuck's that people will either ask you what your reading, or will peek to see what the title is. You don't want to be caught with anything on the Top Ten list of Family Bookstore or with the last name Lucado or Swindoll (though I like both authors). A foreign author or something from Oxford Press will be an interesting book and will impress the nosy. So the next time you have to kill time at Starbuck's, bring an impressive book.

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