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Saturday, October 11, 2008

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My blog has officially moved to www.aaronallison.com

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Taming the Tongue / Monteagle Report #3

I am excited about my message this Sunday . . . Taming The Tongue.    The Scripture says so many good things about our words, and I have been personally challenged as I have prepared for Sunday. 

I originally thought this would be a low Sunday since it is Sumner County's Fall Break.  However, I have not heard of many people who have left town, so I am feeling more optimistic about what our attendance will be.

Monteagle Report #3

My third report on Monteagle is not so much about Monteagle, TN - but its neighboring city of Sewanee, which contains The University of the South.   We made the five minute drive to the campus, and we discovered a little sliver of Europe right in the middle of rural Tennessee.  The campus for The University of the South is gorgeous, especially All Saints Chapel.   Beth took some incredible pictures of All Saints Chapel.   Also, there is a huge white cross visible to the community that we visited one evening.  You will see David and me at the foot ot the cross to give you an idea of how larget the structure is.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Want To Lead Video Shoot / High Point Restaraunt

Thursday was a super-busy day, but it had its fun moments.  I enjoyed spending time with some of our HS Seniors, as we filmed a promo video for the I Want To Lead promo.   
We really had fun!

Monteagle Report #2
Believe it or not, there is a 5-star restaraunt in Monteagle called High Point Restaraunt.  This restaraunt has a unique history as told on its website:
"Contained in a 1929 mansion, presumably financed by Al Capone, the three-story compound is complete with escape hatches on the roof and underground tunnels in the basement used by Capone for the transferring of liquor in the twenties and early thirties.  It is rumored the floors were complete with a lining of sand beneath each one, suspected to prevent the penetration of a bullet. - www.highpointrestaurant.net
The food was delicious with large portions of excellent sea food and steaks.  Many times higher price restaraunts that I visit do not deliver the value their prices demand.  This restaraunt was an exception - the higher prices were justified with an excellent atmosphere,  delicious food and a unique setting.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

24 Hour Rule Broken / Special Scripture / Thursday Video Shoot

I have been running a little behind since the staff retreat.  I have broken my "24 hour rule" with e-mails - I am way behind on returning those.   The "24 hour" rule is my commtiment to returning an e-mail within that time frame.  I want to create an e-mail culture in our staff and leadership team, but that will only work when I return e-mails promptly  This is my on-line confession.  I also want to use this blog as a communication tool, which takes consistency too.   Well enough of beating myself up for this, because it has been a good week of work and ministry.

Tonight, I shared a lot of Scriptures that emphasized the phrase "Fear Not" during our Wednesday night service.  I felt like our body needed a lot of Scripture to build their faith, and fight off the feelings of fear.   It was an encouraging night.

On Thursday,  I am taking some of our high school and college students to downtown Nashville to film the "I Want To Lead" promo video.  You'll hear more about I Want To Lead in future blogs, but tomorrow should be a fun morning.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Janeen Kohler / Staff Retreat / Monteagle Report #1

Janeen . . .
Janeen Kohler did a great job speaking tonight!  We are so blessed to have so many talented speakers at Indian Lake. Janeen and her husband Steve are a true blessing to our church.

Staff Retreat - the reason
Our first staff retreat was a dream come true for me because I have always looked forward to raising up a strong team around me.   I am so impressed with the staff God has brought to work with me and Beth. I have been on staff at other large churches, and I found that the times we traveled together had a very positive effect on me.   Changing environments for two days gave us a chance to deepen our relationships, have more time to explore important subjects and analyze issues we had delayed action on.  Some of the nicer parts of the trips are also a reward for a job well done by these dedicated employees.

MonteagleReport #1

The retreat took place on Monday and Tuesday in Monteagle, TN.  Monteagle is half-way between Nashville and Chattanooga.  On the old highway 41 between Chicago and Miami, it is the highest point at 2,000 ft. elevation.  You would expect it to be a typical small southern city, but it is really quite a sophisticated place.  There is a lot of variety in culture for a small community.  We stayed at a Bed & Breakfast called Monteagle Inn.  The house was not as isolated as the picture made it appear, but being in the center of town ended up being quite convenient.  I was pleased with the customer service and laid back atmosphere.  The breakfast was delicious - the blueberry scone was especially tasty.  I wish we would have done more work on the front porch, but there were not enough plug-ins for all of our lap tops on the porch.  Another downfall of technology!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Water Baptism - Should we ever "sprinkle"?

I love that water baptism is becoming a regular part or our worship experience.  It's becoming the norm - the way it should be.  Praise God for this!   This will probably be our last water baptism of the year because of the weather, but if someone wants to be baptized immediately, we will figure out a way to do so.  This Sunday was a little cold.

I did a little research on the history of "sprinkling" instead of "immersion" - which is how we baptized.   From a Biblical stand point, "immersion" is the accurate way to baptize.   However, in the Middle Ages people begin to "sprinkle" for health reasons - especially in the winter.   With this in mind I actually consider doing a version of water baptism in which I just poured warm water on people's head during the winter months.   We may do that someday, but it's one of those "emotional issues" that cold really stir religious people up.  I may want to really think this one through - ha!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday Reflection / Ray Boltz's Confession

Wedneday Reflection
On Wednesday, Doug Bagwell shared a solid teaching on "How to Avoid Compromise."   I appreciate Doug's friendship to me and his leadership in our church.  He is a very wise man.

Ray Boltz's Confession
If you haven't heard yet, Christian singer Ray Boltz admitted last week that he is a homosexual.  In Lee Grady's recent editorial he informed his readers the following:

The 55-year-old singer, winner of three Dove Awards from the Gospel Music Association, told the world last Friday that he just got tired of fighting his same-sex feelings. He told the Washington Blade, a gay magazine . . . 
Boltz told the Blade that he disclosed his repressed homosexuality to his wife and four grown children in 2004, the year he retired from his music career. He quietly moved to South Florida and began dating. His divorce from his wife of 33 years was finalized this year. - Article "When Christians Come Out of the Closet" found at www.fireinmybones.com)

If trends continue in our culture, stories lke this will continue to come forth.  It's easy for people in the church to make jokes and giggle about homosexuality, but this habit of masking our discomfort will have to change.  The church must provide solid answers and solutions instead of ridicule.  The truth is, there are individuals struggling with either this tendancy or or active sin sitting in our church every Sunday.   It is not God's will for any person to be bound by homosexual behavior.  Still, the church must create an atmosphere in which people with these struggles will have an avenue to get help.  I don't know the answers yet, but I am trying to ask the correct questions.