Thursday, July 12, 2007

Gatlinburg and Beth Allison's Birthday

Galtinburg, TN has become one of my favorite places. It has its paradoxes: Its an odd mixture of commecialism and rugged nature; It is very congested, yet everyone seems very relaxed. Right now I am listening to the combination of a mountain steam and the morning traffic. Is this the place where the modern world has met nature and agreed? Like I wrote, it has its odd combinations. But if you want a pancake place, this is the place.

This is the first time I have been here in the summer, and it is absoulutely packed. I can't imagine how congested it will be over a summer week end.

Today is Beth's Birthday. I don't have anything spectacular planned (yet), but I am thrilled that we are together today. Several times over the last decade I have been on youth group trips when it was July 12. Beth either patiently worked her job to supplement my income, or later on took care of the kids at home. It was always ironic to me in my former job that I was paid to chaperone other people's kids while that same job often took me away from my own.

I am greatful for Beth because she is such a loving person. She truly loves people for who they are, regardless of their popularity or social status. I can't imagine a person loving her children more than Beth does. She has put up with a lot in me, and still loves me. I hope I can make the rest of her life a joy.


Beth said...

You're the best! Thanks for getting everyone to email me birthday wishes!!! Love you!

Jackie said...

i think beth is the only one that comments on your blog....