Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How I Know I Live in the Bible Belt

I just read the Gallatin News Examiner, and I now know that the Bible Belt is still in charge of Sumner County.

The reasons:

The lead story the last two weeks in the paper has been about a fight in the local Baptist church that caused their preacher to leave.

In a pitiful scenario, the article states:

"He (the minister) also elicited sympathy from the congregation for the difficulties his family has faced, including threats that led to extra police protection in his neighborhood and his family being placed in protective custody. Gallatin police spokesman Lt. Kate Novitsky confirmed the department had patrolled LaBorg’s home over allegations of vandalism, but said, “He has never been under protective custody.”

Both the threat and the exaggeration of the threat are ridiculous.

The article goes on to quote this preacher as saying: "find a Holy Ghost, corn-shuckin’ man of God." He goes on to say, “Pray for him, because he ain’t got a clue what he’s coming into."

If you have to shuck corn to be a man of God, I am in trouble.

I do agree with the pastor's quote that said:
“If you’ve got time to sit at the computer and read those stupid blogs, then you’ve got too much time on your hands,”


Damon's Blog said...

Great, I guess something good does come from reading the Gallatin paper. A good laugh.

David Huff said...

I love it!

From the beautiful mind of Jeremy said...

So the real question is when are you going to do something so controversial it's worthy of police protection?

Aaron Allison said...

I think the Gallatin Police have a lot bigger problems than sorting out the angry Baptist.

Jackie said...

wow. did i tell you the one about a redneck rushing into the tattoo place wanting to cover up the name 'Renee' on his arm as quick as possible? though that was in davidson, not sumner...