Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Guys From Chattanooga

Today I had a visit from some minister's from Chattanooga. Damon Passons and Doug Simms are two guys I worked with at Cornerstone, and they planted a successful church called Hamilton Life Church ( They brought another church planter from Chattanooga named Dana Jenkins to pick up some church plant supplies we no longer need. Dana started a church in March called Embrace Church ( Luke - the youth pastor at Hamilton Life - came also. These four made up a creative and fun group. It's great to be around some young guys who are giving their lives to the local church.


Margie said...

You and David both posted a blog about this. You two must have had a good time! I heard about your Michael moment. Ha Ha. Everyone riding together in a 15 passenger van???

Aaron Allison said...

My "Michael" moment was pretty funny. David definetly reminds me of "Jim."