Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Reflections

Friday night was my 10th Anniversary with Beth, and we spent it at home with the kids. It was actually rewarding to have a night at home . . . the seem harder to get. We'll do it up right later on this week when Beth and I will stay at at nice B&B in an undisclosed location in Tennessee. Beth deserves the trip to Hawaii . . . maybe at the 15 year mark?

Dr. Charles Gaulden gave a great message on Sunday. Dr. Gaulden is a professor at Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. He holds a special place in the hearts of our members from The Hope Center. His father had been gravely ill, and he passed away during the service. He took the news well as it was expected and his father had lived a good, Christian life. Please pray for him as he joins his family in South Carolina for the funeral.

I had to pinch hit and lead a 2:42 Hendersonville #2 group on Sunday night. It was so nice to get to know some of my church family better - this was a very fun group. Even if the night had been horrible, Beth Barnett's "Buffalo Chicken Dip" was truly amazing!

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