Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend Reflections

I had a fantastic weekend! Usually Memorial Day weekend is a challenging Sunday for churches. We bucked the trend with a good attendance, offering and a great focus on God during our service. Several people commented on how strong the presence of God was in our Sunday service.

On Sunday afternoon the family dropped by the Bagwell's farm to visit our two dogs that are staying there. (By the way, if you know someone who would be a loving dog-owner of two great Beagles, both the Allison and Bagwell family would be grateful to pass along these lovable creatures). My family then headed to the Franklin Drive-In to watch Indiana Jones 4. Going to drive-in is like a step back in time. My favorite part of the evening was playing soccer and football on the lawn with the kids. A great night together!

Monday was a nice Memorial Day, and my 33rd Birthday. I know soon I'll be trading "early" thirties for "mid" thirties . . . I will savor 33. We cooked out at my Mom's and enjoyed the fellowship of some drop-by company that evening. A great, long weekend!

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