Monday, June 16, 2008

My Spiritual Fathers

On Sunday I spoke about the role of "spiritual father's" in our lives. There have been so many spiritual fathers to me, but here is a list of some in my life - and what they are doing now.
- J. Don George: Pastor George was my pastor from age 4 until I moved to Nashville in 1995. He is still the pastor of Calvary Church in Irving, TX.
- Brent Batson: Brent was my sixth-grade football coach, and he led me to a relationship with Christ. He is now the pastor of The Church of the Springs in Dripping Springs, TX. No one can disciple young men like Brent can.
- John McKinzie: John is my long time mentor. As my Jr. High pastor John called forth the gifts in my life. As an adult I worked with John nine years, and we never got in a fight. My friendship with him is an example of true Christian brotherhood. John pastors Hope Fellowship in Frisco, TX - a church I helped him plant.
- Maury Davis: Maury was my youth pastor when I was in Jr. High (John was his assistant). Maury then gave me my first full-time job in the ministry, and brought me to Nashville. I learned from Maury so many professional qualities, and he has shown me so much about growing a church. He is still the pastor of Cornerstone Church in Madison, TN.
- Rod Loy: Rod is a family friend I have known all my life, and he was a pastor at my home church while I was growing up. Rod has been part of my life during key times, but in the last year his influence has increased as he is mentoring in me a greater heart for the lost and missions. Rod is the pastor of First Assembly of God in North Little Rock, AR.
- There are several others, but this are some of the pre-imminent spiritual fathers in my life. I thank God for each of there imprints on my life.

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