Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Want To Lead Video Shoot / High Point Restaraunt

Thursday was a super-busy day, but it had its fun moments.  I enjoyed spending time with some of our HS Seniors, as we filmed a promo video for the I Want To Lead promo.   
We really had fun!

Monteagle Report #2
Believe it or not, there is a 5-star restaraunt in Monteagle called High Point Restaraunt.  This restaraunt has a unique history as told on its website:
"Contained in a 1929 mansion, presumably financed by Al Capone, the three-story compound is complete with escape hatches on the roof and underground tunnels in the basement used by Capone for the transferring of liquor in the twenties and early thirties.  It is rumored the floors were complete with a lining of sand beneath each one, suspected to prevent the penetration of a bullet. -
The food was delicious with large portions of excellent sea food and steaks.  Many times higher price restaraunts that I visit do not deliver the value their prices demand.  This restaraunt was an exception - the higher prices were justified with an excellent atmosphere,  delicious food and a unique setting.

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