Friday, October 10, 2008

Taming the Tongue / Monteagle Report #3

I am excited about my message this Sunday . . . Taming The Tongue.    The Scripture says so many good things about our words, and I have been personally challenged as I have prepared for Sunday. 

I originally thought this would be a low Sunday since it is Sumner County's Fall Break.  However, I have not heard of many people who have left town, so I am feeling more optimistic about what our attendance will be.

Monteagle Report #3

My third report on Monteagle is not so much about Monteagle, TN - but its neighboring city of Sewanee, which contains The University of the South.   We made the five minute drive to the campus, and we discovered a little sliver of Europe right in the middle of rural Tennessee.  The campus for The University of the South is gorgeous, especially All Saints Chapel.   Beth took some incredible pictures of All Saints Chapel.   Also, there is a huge white cross visible to the community that we visited one evening.  You will see David and me at the foot ot the cross to give you an idea of how larget the structure is.

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