Friday, July 18, 2008

No - for now
I haven't blogged in the last few days because my url ( had been down while being transferred to a new domain company. However, I realized that my blog was still active on In the next few days will be back up - I know that will make a huge difference in your life - ha!

Family News / Bachelor Time
I am missing my family terribly - but now that Abbey calls me at random times, and has even sent me a text message from her Mom's phone - I feel more connected. I am happy Beth and the kids get this annual sabbatical in Kentucky. Their time with all their grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins is an important summer tradition. I also enjoyed being there Sunday afternoon through Tuesday with my mom. Beth's mother and family are just special people - and we cherish these years as we see many of them getting older. We are blessed to have such a great extended family on both sides of our tree.
If you have never visited you can hear three great songs from my all-time favorite singer! I think its time for some new songs, so when you see Beth join me in the campaign for new music.

Wednesday's Service / The Compassion Team

On Wednesday we had an unusually powerful time of prayer and declaration during our Wednesday night service. I felt a great energy that added life to our mid-week service. The beautiful part of this night was what occurred after the service. We took the enthusiasm and empowerment and directed it towards action in our community. Kim Driver lead our first Compassion Team ministry. The Compassion team exists to create events and ministries that will meet people's tangible needs in the community. By meeting people's needs we will demonstrate the love of Christ and open doors for the message of Christ to spread. We had great participation at this meeting, and I believed that all involved are as excited as I am about the future. Our first compassion event will be the Hendersonville Blessing on Saturday, August 9th. The Church at Indian Lake will be providing groceries and school supplies for families as a blessing before school starts. The level of the church's financial participation in the offering on Sunday, July 20th will determine how many families we can bless. I invite you to pray about what your participation in this event and offering can be.

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