Saturday, July 26, 2008

Since Tuesday . . .

Here is a catch up of some things that happened this week . . .

BJ Christopher
- It was great on Wednesday night to hear a missions report from BJ Christopher. At age 72, this dear lady went on a mission trip with no one else she knew when she traveled to Kenya last year. She is going back again, and we are all proud of her courage.

Arts Camp / Lamplighter Theatre
- My friend and actor Greg Wilson hosted an Arts Camp for teenagers this week in Hendersonville. The final presentation was at our church on Thursday night. It was fun to see these students share their talents with all their family and friends. Greg is going to help The Church at Indian Lake partner with Lamplighter Theatre Company for their upcoming season of theatre. If all goes well, our church will be hosting It's A Wonderful Life this December, followed by some great shows in the Spring. I'll keep you posted on the progress.

Preparation for The Hendersonville Blessing
Kim Driver and her team worked very hard in preparation for August 9th. I am so proud of the hard work I am seeing from our Compassion Team. I am so ready for our church to start outreach ministry.

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