Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Super Tuesday / Star Sighting

It was a super busy Tuesday at work . . .
- checked in at the church
- covered a surgery
- answered several calls
- worked on finances
- got a haircut (ok - not work related!)
- a pre-marital counseling session
- a board meeting
After 13 hours of work, I still have two sermons to write. But, I am not complaining - I love my job . . . love my call.

Star Sighting
At the surgery this morning, Bill Purcell (ex-mayor of Nashville) was in the lobby with his daughter. We made eye contact at the coffee pot. I wanted to talk about his potential run for governor, but it didn't seem appropriate for his family or the wife of the patient I was sitting with. For the record, in 1998 I forced Beth to watch the mayoral debate while were young residence of Davidson County. I was pulling for the now forgotten Jay West. I was convinced Beth would agree with me, but she liked Purcell - and he got elected.

They're back!!!! So glad to have Beth and the kids home again - thank God!

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