Sunday, July 20, 2008

Weekend Reflections . . .

Saturday at the Lake

I spent some of Saturday on Old Hickory Lake with some friends. You kind of forget how neat it is to have a major recreational lake in Hendersonville. It was great fun . . . however, I'll try not to go tubing again on Saturday, because I was sore and stiff for Sunday's service.

Sunday's Service
Well, I can feel people's prayers. During Sunday's message I strayed from my notes and begin to speak under God's anointing. I feel a little awkward stating that, because my desire is to always have his hand upon me when I speak - and I believe that this is the case. However, there are special times when you feel a unique impartation of His power and influence. Yesterday, was certainly the case. I felt that prophetic preaching was coming forth, and it is humbling to have God use me in that way.

Quote #2
"Every conflict is the byproduct of immaturity." - Rick Warren

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