Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Making of A Great Church Outside of Sunday Morning

When I think about Sunday, I feel great about The Church at Indian Lake.   Beyond the service (which was a good one), we had positive things happen beyond the hour and thirty minutes.

- Our men's Bible Study before church has grown.
- We have a great sign up for our Newcomers Dinner on Tuesday . . . our best group yet!
- The Young Adult lunch was well attended and a positive experience . . . the group is really growing in camaraderie.
- Kenny Powell and Chris Taylor took a small group of boys (including my son Luke) to Circus World as a reward for their Scripture memorization over the summer.  Kenny and Chris are great leaders!  Luke had the time of his life!
 - Both of our 242 Hendersonville Groups were packed . . . we had lots of young families involved (thank you church for paying for childcare).
- We are starting the 4.6 Experience for 4th - 6th graders on September 7  . . . this is our most crucial age of discipleship.  I am pumped about this!

God is building a great church, and the Sunday service is just one aspect of it.   The most effective ministry usually happens outside the Sunday morning service.

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