Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Newcomers / Stocker / College Football

Tuesday night we had a great representation at our Newcomers Dinner.  It was great to meet new people, and to see how a diverse group of people are interested in The Church at Indian Lake.  Steve and Janeen Kohler were great host.

I really enjoyed David Stocker's preaching tonight.   This guy was full of passion and was an excellent communicator.  He is the first of several "home-grown" talents we are going to have in the next few weeks.  I really like having different speakers on Wednesday nights for a few reason:
1. It gives people an opportunity to use their gifts. 
2. It frees me up for more time with staff, church members and creative thinking when I don't have a Wdnesday night message to prepare.  People or sermon prep?  When it comes to Wednesday nights, I choose people
3. It provides different voices to the church.
4. People don't get tired of me.   Seriously, my voice doesn't get too "familiar."  No one is so good of a speaker that people can hear them 2 to 3 times a week without listening fatigue.

Tomorrow night is an important night for me - the college football season starts.   I know that is a little silly, but I love college football.  I am looking for the first upset of the year to be NC State over South Carolina on Thursday.   Though I hate to admit this, I think Miami (Ohio) will beat Vanderbilt.

Speaking of football, Tailgate Sunday will be really great.   David and I have a couple of sideline passes to film clips at Thursday's Hendersonville-Beech game.   It should be fun to use the new camera on some gridiron clips.

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