Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summit Report #1

Summit Report #1 - Gary Haugen

Gary Haugen's talk was life changing. Gary is the founder of International Justice Mission - "an international human rights agency that rescues victims from violent forms of oppression, including slavery, sexual exploitation, trafficking, police brutality and illegal property seizure."

I found Gary's talk and life to be inspiring and challenging. Here are some good quotes from Gary:

- Just because I am leading, and people are following doesn't mean its what God is wanting.
- What is God's plan for justice? We are! God doesn't have another plan

- If you want your leadership to matter, then lead in the things that matter to God.

- If you say, "Justice is not my thing. . . " then, God is not your thing. God is about justice.

- Jesus did not call us to make us safe, he has come to make us brave.
- Anyone can lead people in what is "cheerful", "safe" and "easy"
Your community needs to know that those without a voice have a man of justice."
- Being brave comes from prayer.


Lyn said...

Hi, thanks for posting this up, if you would like to check out Just Courage the latest book written by Gary Haugen, there are other resources available as well on its website, -Lyn from IJM HQ

Aaron Allison said...

Thanks . . . we will check out those resources. I purchased Gary's book - Just Courage. I look forward to the read!