Friday, August 15, 2008

Paris / Camera / Children's Conference

I talked on the phone yesterday with Robby Bradford, who is planting a church in Paris, France in 2009-2010. Robby is going to come see us in the next few weeks on a Wednesday night to keep that connection with our church. I am praying that Paris, France will be a major missions emphasis for our church in '09 and '10. We are going to start working on a mission trip for '10.

I believe one of the reasons The Church at Indian Lake exists is so we can plant churches in western Europe. Does that sound outrageously ambitious? Of course it does - that is why we need God! It is also why we need to start somewhere. Getting behind Robby's vision is a great start!

New Camera Here!
Our new, expensive, high end, HD camera arrived at Pastor David's home Thursday afternoon. We are giddy!

Children's Conference Starts Today
We will have 75 to 100 Children's Workers from across Tennessee at our church this weekend. I love being around leaders - this should be fun. This is a great opportunity for us, as Jim Wideman will be the featured speaker. Jim is an amazing talent in children's ministry - I don't know of anyone better. To learn more about Jim, check out this link - Jim Wideman's Bio

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