Saturday, August 30, 2008

Saturday Night Thoughts . . .

Thoughts before I go to bed . . .
- I am thrilled to see my mother-in-law (no sarcasm).   Peggy is a great mother-in-law and friend.   She is in town until Monday.
- Hurricane Gustav is hard to believe.   I feel horrible for all the destruction this hurricane is causing in The Carribbean, and will potentially cause in our country.   There is this part of me amazed at the fury and magnitude of a hurricane, and I feel a little guilty with that fascination.
- Beth, my sister Shelby, Margie Huff and other friends in the "soccer mom" category were thrilled with Sarah Palin as a vice-president nomination.  The circle of women in my life have never been so excited about a political news item.   Brilliant move and timing by John McCain.
- The city of Hendersonville is really excited about MiMi's Cafe.
- In case you ever need a quick Saturday night dinner, the Cracker Barrell in Whitehouse was almost empty tonight.  We met Rich and Jessica there (Beth's brother and wife).

- I think Tailgate Sunday will be a nice change of pace tommorrow.   We are setting up for it at 6:30 a.m. tommorrow.

- Brent and Kirsten Batson - my good friends from Austin - are somewhere in Nashville tonight. They may be in church tommorrow, but they will probably be on their way to Gatlinburg.  Brent will be preaching this Wednesday night.
- Two of my friends from HS are getting married this weekend (not to each other) . . . Both are in their early 30's, both on first marriages.  People really are getting married later in life these days.

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